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How To ENJOY Your Edible High

There is HUGE misconception when it comes to edibles. A lot of consumers think because they smoke a lot, their edible tolerance will be high. That is far from the case. The way we get high from edibles are more complicated than from we smoke. When we smoke, the THC is only going into our lungs. Versus eating THC ,its getting digested by our liver. When we eat food, the nutrition effects our entire body. So when we take edibles in a sense, the THC is getting into every crevice of our body.

I know it’s kind of difficult to dose yourself when it comes to taking edibles. When you smoke, you know when to stop because you feel high almost instantaneously. When it comes to edibles we tend to pop a bunch, wait about 90 minutes to realize, we’ve over done it. I personally have gotten way to high from not dosing myself right with edibles. In order to enjoy your edible high, you have to learn how to dose yourself correctly

If you have never consumed THC before, i always say start off small and go from there. Start off with a 5mg edible, or if you cant find a 5mg edible that you like, take half of a 10mg edible. Wait about 2 hours and if you don’t feel anything yet, take another 5mg edible. You never want to eat a bunch of them at once. You’re going to end up not enjoying your high at all and want to steer clear of in taking any THC. If you end up forgetting that you’re eating an edible and end up eating to much, you can take some CBD. The CBD will counteract the high of the THC and bring the level of your high down.

There a lot of different edibles options out there for you. You can get anything from gummies, to chocolates, to drinks!! When you are going to eat edibles, try to surround yourself with people you’re comfortable with. That way in the event you do get an uncomfortable high, you would be able to relax a bit more. Just remember to take your edibles in small doses and you’ll enjoy your high. Next time you visit SOCC make sure to ask your budtender about all the different edible options.

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